Hi, I'm Whitney! I help professionals reach success at what matters most to them!

Needing professional motivation? I can help.

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What my clients are saying:

"When I talk to Whitney I say 'This is my problem, can you help me solve it?' She has a positive mindset and encouraging voice. She listens and does not judge."

“Whitney did a fantastic job leading us through and maximizing our strengths. I’m excited to have some common language to use as a team. Thanks for giving up time and energy to pour into us!”

"I appreciate that Whitney rarely told me what to do. She left many decisions up to me. This actually led me to ask her advice more on applying for specific jobs and how to approach some situations. Whitney is also a whiz at critiquing any writing you may need to submit."

"Whitney was very supportive and attuned to the various waves of emotions that a job search brings. She helped me lean in to areas I was uncomfortable. I learned how to create cover letters that are unique to job descriptions as well as lean into my own network for leverage."


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