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Don't waste one more minute of your precious time spinning your wheels to figure out your next step. Let me help you--it's why my clients are so thrilled to work with me. You can reach career success with less guesswork and stress!

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Proven Strategies

I'm giving you access to 35 lessons that make up ALL of the proven methods I've used to help professional clients reach their career goals for 10+ years.

At Your Pace

Whether you need one week, one month, or one year, this course will be here ready to coach you to success on your own timeline. You get to set the pace.

Where You Are

Have you been at this a while, or you're just getting started? This course is designed, so that you don't waste any time on content you don't need.

Step-by-step course built on 10+ years' experience coaching professionals!

If you're in the job search and want help knowing what to do and when, I designed this course for you. I walk you through each step from research and reflection to find the right path and goals, to creating marketing documents that will catch the eye of an employer, leveraging and building your network, and successfully preparing for the interview.

I can't wait to have you in the course!

Career + Leadership Coach

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What to Expect?

I'm sharing my proven step-by-step strategies an to get you from where you are to career success.

I have organized the lessons into six different modules. There are 40 total lessons, which means I have covered EVERYTHING you could possibly need to reach career success.

I'll be on screen teaching you in short bursts, so don't worry...this won't feel like school as you remember it. You will be greeted with encouragement and actionable steps in each lesson, so you can pursue the career transition you're dreaming of today.

All sessions are available for viewing again and again, at the pace that works for your life and your time frame.

Access the lessons when and where you want, anytime!

Compare to one-on-one coaching

This course delivers the same great content I offer through one-on-one coaching. I designed this course to offer you an accessible and affordable way to make your career transition goals a reality with less stress!

Course enrollment


x3 payments

Hands-on learning modules covering:

Marketing documents +
Career search strategies


Course enrollment


one time

Hands-on learning modules covering:

Marketing documents +
Career search strategies


Marketing Documents


limited availability

One-on-one support to create or revise the following materials:

Resume +
Cover Letter +
LinkedIn Profile


Full-Service Coaching


limited availability

One-on-one coaching calls covering:

Marketing documents +
Career search strategies


"Whitney is a well-spoken professional with experience in getting results. Her knowledge and experience are second to none. Her advice and expertise assisted me personally in obtaining my most recent career goals. She has been a great mentor and is someone I would recommend for career advice with much confidence!"

Previous Client feedback
from a mid-level management professional

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Time for Q&A!

Enroll and have instant access to all six modules (40 lessons) of course content.

The modules and lessons are organized in a way to go through them in order, but sometimes you need to jump around. You have the freedom and flexibility to take it however you need or want!

The 40 step-by-step lessons are organized by category into six modules. Here's a quick snapshot to help you visualize what you are about to learn!

Welcome: introductory (think syllabus, structure, logistics)

Mindset: helping set the mindset for a successful career transition

Research: reflecting internally and looking externally for opportunities

Marketing yourself: perfecting your resume +cover letter + LinkedIn profile

Networking: leveraging connections

Interviewing: successfully landing the job offer

There are 40 lessons, and we're already working on bonus lessons to be added for students who are enrolled and working toward their next role!

This course is self-paced, and does not include personal coaching calls with Whitney. At any point in the course you are welcome to ask questions and Whitney is going to send out weekly updates to answer as many student questions, as possible! This is the best of both worlds: direct teaching on your schedule AND access to real time answers--with an economical investment. What are you waiting for? Enroll now!

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